New? What to Expect

Starting anything new can be a little nerve-wracking and that’s especially true when it comes to healthcare. We understand! Here’s a check list outlining the referral process and what to expect at each clinic location.

  • Your referral will begin with our intake department, who will process your referrals, complete the prior authorizations, and contact you directly.  
  • You will know of any out of pocket costs up front.   
  • Length of treatment 
  • Our staff members are thoroughly trained to provide prompt symptom management and they complete ongoing assessments for response to therapy. Our staff participate in frequent physician follow-ups and develop individualized care plans. Your nurse will complete your assessment and make sure that you have a secure IV access before beginning your infusion.
  • Amenities at each location include easy parking, private rooms, flexible scheduling, reclining chairs, one on one nursing, cable tv, free Wi-Fi, blankets, and snacks. When you arrive, you will be shown to your room; family is allowed and welcomed for support.
  • Depending on the length of your infusion, you may want to bring some extra comforts from home.  Examples would be light reading materials, tablet, phone, notepad, chargers for your devices, headphones, your preferred snacks, and even your favorite blanket.  
  • Patients: Click here to learn how to request a referral from your physician.
  • Providers: Click here to get the forms needed to refer a patient to MD Health Solutions as well as a help number.